AGR Consulting, LLC


+Amazon Call Center - Tempe AZ Cx.

+ AZ Greek Village Residential and Commercial

+ ASU Herberger Young Scholar Academy.   Cx. Phoenix AZ.

+ ASU - Greek Village Leadership, Tempe AZ. Fundamental and Enhance Commissioning

+ Pine Park Community - Cx, Carlsbad CA.

+ VU @ Mcdonald Mt. MEP, Henderson NV.

+ VA MOB @ Estrella. Commissioning


On the Drawing Board

El Paso Transit Facility:

Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning,

El Paso, Texas


MECWest Training Facility

System Commissioning.

Phoenix, AZ

Broadway Loft Apartment Rehabilitation:

MEP Engineering

San Diego, CA


3400 Avenue of the Art Complex:

MEP Engineering Apartment Complex

Costa Mesa, CA

Recently Completed 2016

GreenMart Marijuana Cultivation Plant:

Building Commissioning.

Las Vegas, Nevada

VA Medical ER Expansion:

System Commissioning.

Phoenix, AZ

VA Medical Office -Estrella:

System Commissioning.

Phoenix, AZ

Scottsdale Airport Operation Center

System Commissioning, Energy Modeling and M&V.

Scottsdale, AZ

Northern Pipeline 'NPL':

Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning, M&V and Energy Modeling.

Glendale, AZ

Shutterfly Facility

System Commissioning.

Tempe, AZ

SW College for Naturopathic Medicine:

Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning, Energy Modeling and M&V.

Tempe, AZ


Commissioning per the 2012 IECC.

Chandler, AZ

Carlsbad Fire Station:

System Commissioning per the 2010 California Green Building Code.

Carlsbad, CA.

GSA BLM Lake Havasu:

Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning,

Lake Havasu, AZ

General Motor IT Innovation Facility:

Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning and M&V.

Chandler, AZ


AGR Consulting, LLC is an energy management and high performance building design consultancy professional services firm. Our mission is to help clients succeed by integrating principles of sustainability in their projects. We foster effective partnerships with Building Owners, Developers, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Construction Managers, and Green Product Manufacturers to achieve goals in the rapidly evolving Green Building Market.

AGR Consulting, LLC brings a cost efficient approach to the construction process. We do this by tailoring the approach for the client, by the project -type, scope, and phase. The approach is the defining strategy when creating energy-efficient, environmentally responsible development, sensitive to the first costs, cost of ownership and finding that correct mix while taking into consideration what is available outside the ‘BOX’. We identify for our clients any available Federal, State, Local or Utility provider’s Incentives and/or Rebates. With more than three Decades of Engineering and more than a decade of involvement in the USGBC’s programs managing and working on many projects pursuing different USGBC LEED® Certification programs throughout the country, we bring value to our clients’ projects.


AGR Consulting, LLC received a renewal from the City of Phoenix to be in the Qualified Vendor List through 2017 to conduct the city facility retrocommissioning.

AGR Consulting, LLC was selected by APS Solutions for Business new School Pilot program to conduct ASHRAE Level II Energy Audit for multiple schools.

AGR Consulting, LLC was selected by the Avondale School District as their Commissioning Agent for the new ongoing Energy Project.

AGR Consulting, LLC was selected by the Washington School District as their Commissioning Agent for the three new projects.

AGR Consulting, LLC is listed in the Blue Book for Construction Who-is-Who publication list under Energy Management Professional. AZ, NV, CA